One of the pervading myths about business is that everything besides profit is irrelevant. The best businesses, by contrast, are concerned about their workforce committed to paying them decent wages and focused on ensuring their workplace health and safety. This latter point is most important of all, and a failure to provide a safe working space for employees means that your business might face some very hefty penalties or worse members of your workforce might be injured.

In some industries the need for health and safety is more explicit. One of the most dangerous, relatively speaking, scenarios for workers is when they are working at heights. This could mean working on access equipment, such as cherry pickers, or working on rooftops.

Here safety is a very serious matter and it should be central to everything workers do, and everything you do for workers. On one level, workers should have access to all of the right equipment. At heights, there is lots of equipment used, and this all needs to be tested for efficiency and safety. Guardrail systems can be placed around a roof-line to dramatically decrease the chances of falling, and other equipment like a horizontal lifeline equipment can be used also to protect workers.

Your business is not doing its job if it doesn’t have a human aspect. In practical terms, you should focus on ensuring your workforce has the right level of training, as enshrined in law, to remain safe as they work at heights and use various kinds of height safety equipment.

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