Everyone has their own thoughts about how best to store power tools, though whether one option really is better than any other is open to debate; in many ways, power tool storage is very much a question of personal preference. However, some people may not be storing their equipment in the most appropriate way.

Many people simply use basic steel cabinets to store their tools. This may well keep things safe, secure and dry but this can often cause a messy mass of wires. It can also be dangerous, with one tangle seeing many tools pulled out at once.

Other DIY enthusiasts are known to hang their tools from hooks and other devices by means of the cord. However, even when suspending the items from a point of the cord nearer the base, this can cause problems. Simple daily use and wear can weaken this connection and a constant weight pulling on the cord is only going to increase the rate of wear. In the worst case scenario, it could end up affecting the power supply.

A very effective method for many people is to use a filing cabinet. With separate draw for each tool and enough space for spare bits and blades, this option can work very well. If more than three or four tools are owned though, it could become a cumbersome option.

Reputable retailers provide well constructed tool storage solutions. With tool storage in mind, these solutions are usually designed to accommodate each tool and all possible accessories.

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