The garden may not be the first place that comes to mind when power tools are discussed. However, if there is one place in the home where they really do come into their own, it is here.

Naturally, there is little use for a power hammer or cordless drill in the garden, but certain tools are an absolute joy to use. Here are a couple of examples of tools which should be found in any garage or shed.


The strimmer is an extremely popular tool among enthusiastic gardeners. Its practicality and power can save a considerable amount of time for anyone looking to maintain a lawn. Some strimmers are even battery powered, meaning cables don’t always have to be a problem.

The strimmer is tailor made for trimming the border lines of a lawn. However, they are far more useful than their name may imply; this tool can also be useful to quickly whip away weeds on patios and garden steps, remove errant growths on walls and hack down woody stems.

With multiple power settings, strimmers are handy across a range of jobs, easily housed within existing tool storage solutions and practical for use in most weather conditions.


A mower is also an invaluable addition to any home with a lawn. Whether electric or petrol powered, they can make the process of maintaining a lawn a joy rather than a chore. With a host of different types to choose from, there is something for everyone, whether the priority is speed and efficiency or the precision normally found on a football pitch.

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