There are very immediate and necessary checks to be made when buying a used car to ensure that it doesn’t have history which could jeopardise the vehicle or even the owner’s life. A HPI Check is one such way of ensuring that a vehicle doesn’t have issues with previous damage, outstanding finance or has been stolen before. A car check such as this can also ensure that owners get many more pieces of information which will come in very handy.

More and more sites are offering the HPI simply because it reveals so much. Receiving a convenient report online can mean that the prospective buyer understands the vehicle’s history before they even negotiate with anybody about it. Indeed, it could be a signifier that the seller is untrustworthy, or that they may have been using an invalid vehicle for many years. Aside from make, model, colour, year of registration and transmission, car owners who invest in a check like this will also gain a wealth of information about engine capacities, colour changes, imports, scraps, insurance export history, and the country of origin. They will also be able to tally the all important VIN/Chassis ID with that on the car as well as the identification on the number plates. Any changes will show up and can point to possible foul play. If a car is advertised as second hand, it will also tell the owner the number of previous owners so they can be sure about the quality of the vehicle.

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