Two of the most important types of car data check are to do with the police and the environment. Ultimately it is a one-two combo of the amount of tax that will be payable and whether the car has ever been stolen. Co2 emissions are the single most important determiner of the amount that every new vehicle will incur in tax because Co2 is the most abundant greenhouse gas. Those vehicles built after 2001 may often be designed to minimize the amount of Co2 released into the atmosphere, and as such, may be significantly cheaper to run. Those built before 2001 will typically be rated on the size of its engine, which brings into focus other aspects of a comprehensive vehicle check. The size of the original engine can be found earlier in the report, thus allowing people to find out how much tax will be payable. The Euro Ncap Rating often comes under environmental, but this doesn’t relate directly to being green, rather it is the safety rating that will inform owners how safe their car is for the driver, the passengers and even pedestrians.

Of immediate concern is the police information regarding the vehicle. It will tell the potential buyer whether the vehicle they are interested in is currently stolen – a deciding factor in whether they maintain their interest. Similarly, if a vehicle is listed as having been stolen at some point in the past, it will have an insurance category of C or D, reflecting the amount of damage to the car when it was stolen.

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