The UK has many superb spots for helicopter flights. As long as people know what sort of experience they are looking for when they take to the skies, they won’t be disappointed.

Among the areas consumers may wish to consider are the Peak District and Yorkshire, both of which have plenty to offer.

Lake District

However, there is another location that is well worth considering and that is the Lake District. This national park is famous for its incredible scenery, cultural heritage and abundant wildlife. Of course, its clear lakes are also a major draw for visitors.

There is no better way to see these watery spectacles than from the air. This is the only way in which individuals can get an overview of the area and how it all fits together.


As well as lakes, there are the ancient woodlands to admire. These semi-natural wooded areas add texture and colour to the landscape and they are also home to many native plants and animals. Because of the high levels of rain that fall in this part of England, the woodlands are rich in Atlantic mosses, ferns and lichen.

The Human Impact

Of course, the activities of people have helped to shape the appearance of the area too. Its dramatic land forms are overlaid by millennia of human activity. For example, there is plenty of farmland in the national park and there are also settlements, helping to give each valley a distinctive appearance.

Lots To Do

When people travel to the Lake District to make the most of helicopter rides, they often decide to take full advantage of their trips by exploring the local area on foot too. After all, there is plenty to see and do around the park. For those with an adventurous spirit, mountaineering may appeal, while other activities include mountain biking and water sports of various kinds.

Meanwhile, there are also visitor centres, museums and charming villages and towns to explore, along with rustic pubs and indulgent eateries.

For those who really want to get to know the Lake District, it is well worth booking into one of the many hotels or guesthouses in the area. Whether they choose to stay for a couple of days, a week or even longer, there will be plenty to keep them busy.

The Rides Themselves

When it comes to the helicopter flights themselves, people can choose between different lengths of trip. For example, they may opt for 15 or 30-minute journeys. Meanwhile, the experiences are perfect for the young and old alike, meaning they are ideal for families.

From holidaymakers to walkers and photographers, these experiences appeal to an eclectic range of individuals.

The Ideal Gift

Flying trips like this can also make a great present. It is possible to purchase the rides in the form of a gift voucher with an open-ended time and date, allowing recipients to book themselves in whenever suits them.

Offerings like this certainly make a change from clichéd presents like chocolates, clothes and fragrances.

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