People have different motivations for wanting to sign up to helicopter pilot training. In some cases, they’re keen to develop this skill to further their career, while in others the impetus is purely pleasure. Meanwhile, some individuals sign up to courses simply to challenge themselves.

The good news for those who want to sign up to lessons is, the process is straightforward. They can take their pick from a selection of trial lessons or comprehensive training programmes that go all the way up to commercial level. This means that people shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect solutions for them.

Meanwhile, it’s even possible for consumers to invest in gift vouchers for lessons to hand over to loved ones. These can make a truly special present. In addition, pilots who have already got their licences can make use of type-rating training, testing and self-fly hire sessions.

Getting A Private Pilot’s Licence – PPL(H)

Those who have experienced a trial lesson and decided to pursue flight training further often choose to obtain their own licences. This allows them to fly throughout Britain and Europe. Of course, most people can’t afford their own helicopters, but once they have the necessary qualifications, they can hire aircraft and even take their family and friends for trips. There are plenty of airfields dotted around the country and numerous hotels, country houses and restaurants have their own landing sites.

Also, obtaining a licence like this can be a gateway to learning to fly larger and more advanced helicopters.

What’s Involved?

In order to achieve their licences, people have to have a minimum of 45 hours’ flight time, of which 25 must be dual instruction and ten must be supervised solo time. Of these ten hours solo flying, five must be navigational training, including an exercise of at least 100 nautical miles. Meanwhile, the 45 hours are split into 27 different exercises.

On completion of the flight training, individuals are required to pass a skills test with a CAA-approved flight examiner. It is only after passing this that people can be awarded their

Obtaining A Commercial Pilot’s Licence – CPL(H)

Once individuals have got their PPL(H), they can take things a step further and obtain their commercial pilot’s licence – CPL(H). This allows them to turn their hobby into a career. The course includes 30 hours of dual flight instruction with the option of a night rating.

In order to qualify for this course, people have to be aged over 18, have their PPL(H) and have completed 155 hours flying time in helicopters, including 50 hours of Pilot in Command. Ten of these hours have to have been cross-country. Also, they need to have a current valid pass in all the CPL(H) theoretical knowledge exams and hold a CAA Class 1 medical.

The Right Provider

In order to ensure their helicopter lessons are as enjoyable and effective as possible, it is important for individuals to choose a suitable training provider. As long as they succeed in this, they should find the experiences to be rewarding.

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