Malaga is in southern Spain along with the Mediterranean. The entire area is more than 7,000 sq meters. One can hardly imagine the majestic beauty of the region. There are a lot to explore like splendid mountains, rivers, valleys etc.The region is roughly divided into five sectors. They are the Ronda, La Axarquia, Guadalhorce, Antequera, and Costa del Sol. Each has its unique beauty and attractions. Visitors year after year come to Malaga to spend holidays in relaxation and luxury. This region of the world gives out a wild heavenly vive. Here one can definitely be close to nature and enjoy all the colors of it.

People from all over the world come here through out the year as the temperature hardly changes around here. The temperature stays around 66F. Everyday it is sunny in here with a beautiful beachside so what more one can want to enjoy nice vacation?

The main tourist attraction here is Costa del Sol. Here from Calahonda to Torremolinos the area is comparatively less populated with its unspoiled small towns in the countryside. You can hire a car from a reliable and genuine Malaga airport transfers agency and enjoy the city’s beauty. This will help you put aside a lot of money comparatively and also save you the trouble of finding the right vehicle every next stop. With this hired car you can move around freely from spot to spot and enjoy a nice holiday.

If you travel with your family you can find a lot of things to do all around Malaga. For more about the popular destinations and history of Malaga, visit:álaga. There is no shortage of activity around here. Hiring that car would be best and necessary choice for your family. It will help your children to stay protected as well as save a lot of time when they need to retire on their beds in the hotel room. You and your family won’t have to stop your chain of entertainment for a transport system.

Golf is a great activity that one can indulge in while being in Malaga as there are more then 60 golf courses around the city. Malaga is voted as the world’s 4th best golf destination by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators in 2004. So if you are a big fan of golf, must visit the places.
There are a number of restaurants, bars; one can go to after having a busy day exploring the beautiful city and playing golf. There are a number of family restaurant you can go to with your family and enjoy a great dinner and come home safely with the help of Malaga airport taxi. If you are single and ready to party all night you are in luck because there are some beach party that goes all night that you can join to.
After spending the night ‘partying’ you can enjoy the magnificent sunrise in the morning that take over the whole see and gives you a divine feeling. The local crowd join together to enjoy sunrise and sunset and roam around the sea beach. You will have a wonderful time once you are in Malaga. So don’t wait any longer plan your Malaga trip now.

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