Older people have various options in retirement living today. They can choose to live independently or in serviced apartments. Supported living and flexible living are yet two other alternatives. Some seniors need dementia care; whereas respite care is offered to families who wish to take a short break from their senior care responsibilities.


Flexible Living: The Benefits

Flexible living apartments are unique retirement residences, as they combine the advantages of supported and independent living into one package. This type of living arrangement is ideal for retirees who want the option of accessing cleaning and laundry services, or meal delivery. Residents can vary their specific requirements from week to week, and only need to pay for exactly what they request or use.

Most flexible living apartments are well-built and spacious, featuring such structural amenities as a brick face and tile roofing. Normally, the apartments feature one bedroom and include a modern kitchen, laundry area, and a private courtyard or garden. Residents who choose flexible living apartments that are located in retirement villages in NSW normally enjoy a 24-hour emergency call service, home and garden maintenance services, social activities, and communal facilities as well.

Again, this kind of living arrangement suits older residents who want help with household tasks or personal care on an intermittent or “flexible” basis. Therefore, the advantages of this kind of living arrangement include the following:

  • Communal facilities.
  • The use of shared spaces for the purposes of village events, activities, and personal recreation.
  • Call button emergency services, giving the resident additional peace of mind.
  • Cleaning services that are optional.
  • Laundry services, as needed.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Bus outings to local shopping centres and other popular sites.

As you can see, the above arrangement allows a senior to enjoy their lifestyle, while providing them additional confidence and independence.

Supported Living Arrangements

Sometimes a senior needs more support – that is where supported living comes into play. A supported living apartment is designed to meet the daily living needs of its resident. Residents in supported living apartments receive help with laundry and cleaning, and have their meals provided for them on a daily basis. They also may receive assistance with dressing, showering, or taking their medications.

Supported living residents are cared for by medical professionals who are acquainted with them personally, and these experts are also available on-site 24 hours per day. Each supported living apartment is typically studio sized, or is similar in nature to a hotel room.

Supported living residents typically enjoy various social activities, and a private bus service takes them on lunch outings and shopping trips. Needless to say, the advantages associated with supported living are numerous. Again, these benefits include the following:

  • Peace of mind that care is easy accessible – an on-site staff, available 24/7.
  • Apartment cleaning services.
  • Communal facilities.
  • Social events and activities, including lunch outings or shopping excursions.
  • Laundry services.
  • Nutritious preparation of daily meals.
  • Assistance with showering, dressing, and dispensing medication.

Review Your Options

When you review the advantages of flexible or supported care, you can see why these care alternatives work out well for retirees who wish to live on their own, yet still need some extra help. If you have a loved one or parent who can benefit from this type of lifestyle, review your options and schedule an appointment at a retirement community today.

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