Work injuries vary widely from industry to industry, but it may surprise some workers that there are injuries that carry across the board. Work accident claims from Manchester to Falmouth feature a wide range of injuries, but when looked at as a group they do have some commonalities.

Here are the five most common types of injury affecting workers across the UK:


Falls, trips and slips are among the most common types of accidents which cause injuries at work. Given how easy it is to fall over an unattended cable or badly built step, it shouldn’t be surprising that such accidents can lead to serious injury.

Manual Handling Accidents

Another very common cause of work-related injury involves the bad handling of heavy materials. Back problems or other injuries this may lead to is often caused by inadequate work procedures.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents can happen just as easily in the country as in the city, so workers should bear in mind that they don’t need to suffer a personal injury in Manchester or London to have a valid claim.

Repetitive Strains

These injuries don’t just affect office workers – manual workers should watch for them, too.


Burns aren’t just for chefs. Hazardous chemicals can cause serious burns if incorrectly labelled or not handled properly. Protective clothing and safe handling procedures are sometimes overlooked in workplaces.

Injured workers should consider contacting personal injury solicitors, whether they’re in Manchester or elsewhere in the country. Compensation can make coping with a work injury much easier.

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