Christmas is fast approaching and the time has come to think about buying Christmas gifts for the family. Anyone who has a new baby in the family will understandably be excited about spoiling the new addition with lots of fab presents, but everyone has the same idea and this often means that babies end up with a lot of the same things. The latest toys and knitted clothing are all great gifts, but everyone will be sending those to baby.

Luckily, there are unique baby gift ideas which can help proud aunties, uncles and grandparents to purchase the perfect gift for baby this Christmas.

Snow Globes

Anyone who is looking for a unique baby gift should definitely think about snow globes. There are so many gorgeous snow globes for babies and children that they will be spoil for choice. From musical boats to fairy princess and Noah’s ark, there is a globe out there for everyone and, unlike most of the toys baby will receive; they are an object which can be treasured forever as a keepsake.

Music Boxes

Another beautiful and unique gift is the children’s music box. Like the snow globe, it can be kept as a memento by the child, for many years to come. Music boxes come in a huge number of styles, including teddy bears, crocodiles and fairies, and they play a range of beautiful tunes which are sure to delight baby and parents alike. Not only do they make a great gift, but they are also a great decoration for the nursery too.

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