Managers are always on the lookout for impressive deals on the items they need for their firms. Minimizing costs in this way is one of the most fundamental business skills. Of course, this applies to printer cartridges just as much as anything else. Indeed, the importance of getting good value printing resources may be particularly great now. After all, economic conditions remain tough and in order to balance their books, enterprises might have to be extremely savvy.

The latest BDRC SME Finance Monitor drew attention to some of the pressures facing UK companies. It revealed that bank lending to businesses is in decline.

According to the organisation, lending levels to businesses dropped during the third quarter of this year and just 40 per cent of organisations with fewer than 250 employees reported using any form of external finance in the three months to September. This was the lowest level since the start of 2010.

Also, only one in three firms that are planning to apply for a loan or overdraft are confident their bank will agree to their request. This was down from more than half at the start of this year and was a record low for the quarterly survey.

Responding to the figures, the Forum of Private Business raised concerns, suggesting that a lack of lending is dampening the economic recovery of Britain.

Its head of policy Alex Jackman remarked: “This report shows what most already suspected: bank lending to small business is not where it should be.”

Under circumstances like this, sourcing superb value ink and other printing supplies is especially important.

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