The appearance of cities is always a cause of concern. Buildings of various types can look drab compared with the green space associated with gardens, parks and rural areas. However, the live-ability of cities does not just relate to what they look like. There are increasing worries about air pollution in many urban districts. Large volumes of traffic are often responsible for considerable quantities of the pollution.

Fortunately, the concept of the living wall has been developed and it has the potential to address some of these problems effectively. Living walls are getting more attention in the national and international media, with some journalists describing them as vertical gardens.

Green is Good For People

The color green has been proven to be positive for the mood of people. Studies of patients have shown that garden-like environments can have a beneficial impact on recovery times from a range of illnesses. Employees often work better when they are exposed to plants. Visitors to buildings which have green walls are frequently impressed.

Air Pollution Reduction

Professor David Barbara-sh  from Purdue University in Indiana, is an expert on planted walls. He is clear that these walls are generally a very good idea, although he is aware that the public have to be prepared if their adoption is to be on a huge scale. He is convinced that the walls can play a positive role in attempts to combat air pollution. Although walls have been planted for a diversity of purposes, one on Edgware Road has been built specifically to target air pollution.

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