Urban heat islands are becoming a problem in many parts of the world. Cities are often warmer than the countryside around them and this effect can have negative implications. It can lead to more money being spent on air conditioning and it can have a detrimental influence on public health. In addition, people can simply feel uncomfortable. As global warming is set to increase, the problems associated with being too warm may be about to get more severe.

Green Wall: One Solution

Along with green roofs and trees, living walls in cities can have a good impact on the urban heat island problem. Basically, any plants that break up concrete jungles are great news. When parks in many urban areas are just too small to rise to the challenge, planted walls on public and private buildings can help them to do a job.

Not Only Making Summer More Comfortable

Planted walls can make us feel better in the summer as we work away in offices, but if enough of them are constructed, they can actually cut carbon emissions by allowing us to turn off or turn down air conditioning systems. Global warming might be too large a process to be combated by planted wall alone, but there is no doubt that the plants can help deal with the problem.

Planted walls can make global warming slightly less dramatic. They can also help us adapt to the reality of the warming which will happen. In addition, it might not be a cure for the urban heat island effect, but it is a step in the right direction.

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