Fragrances have become a popular part of house dressing for sales. Estate agents from South London to Cornwall have been making use of fresh fragrances for decades and home owners have been catching on.

An important point that shouldn’t be missed, though, is the need to remove bad smells as well as introduce good ones.

Pet Smells

Pet owners quickly become acclimatized to the scents of their companions, but animal smells can be extremely unpleasant to others. For any pet owner selling a home, it is vital to take steps to eliminate their odors. This must be done carefully. Carpet steam cleaning may not be the best move – a small London property that’s been home to a cat for several years, for example, will have entrenched odors in the carpet that are best undisturbed. Cigarettes can present similar issues, and it’s generally best to get an outside opinion and help from a professional cleaner to remedy the problem.

Pleasant Odors

Not all smells are bad, and in fact some can help secure a sale. Coffee and freshly-baked bread are favorites with buyers and sellers alike, but there are other more subtle fragrances which can assist a sale. Fresh flowers add a subtle freshness to the environment, and freshly-baked cakes or biscuits give a house a homely feel.

It’s important to consider the needs of potential buyers when selecting fragrances during a house sale. Subtle fragrances are best. Anything too strong can not only be overpowering, but will risk triggering allergies.

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