Preparing a house for sale can be a stressful time, particularly if the house in question is the family home. No matter how efficient the chosen estate agents or house dresser is, some preparation needs to be made.

Here are some tips to make things a little easier.

Try A Friendly Walk-Through

For most people, the house itself is too familiar, and this can be a hindrance when it comes to setting the scene for potential buyers. Inviting a friend to walk through the house with a buyer’s eye can help in spotting potentially costly oversights.

Secure Some Extra Storage

Nothing makes a house seem small like clutter. The answer is to put as much as possible in storage. This may seem like a significant investment, but it’s certainly justified, especially for a central London property where in-house storage is likely to be minimized.

De personalize

Personal touches make it more difficult for buyers to picture themselves in a home. Things like family photos should be put away.

Invest In Pretty Entry Ways

It’s a cliche, but the first impression a buyer has will make a lasting impact. Investing a little more in the entryway can really pay off.

Be Smart About Furniture

In normal life, furniture can be used to create winding paths through a home. During a busy house inspection, these winding paths are a liability. Clear pathways need to be created. Hiring smaller pieces of furniture can be a really smart move.

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