If you stop and think about what it takes to go out and make friends, it’s really quite difficult. You can meet people through work or through other friends, but if those avenues haven’t worked out for you, then it can be difficult to know what to do.

However, making friends online is now a very real possibility and can make it much easier to meet people you’re likely to get along with.

When people think about making connections online they typically are thinking about looking for love online. Of course the internet is a great way to meet people, romantically speaking, however it also caters for people who want to make friends online.

Why might you need to make new friends? People tend to move around to new cities more often than they used too. One of the problems with this is that each time you move you lose your social groups. The internet is a great tool for finding new social groups, or expanding your existing social groups, “getting together” in other words.

So, how do you go about doing this? Just as there are dating sites online so there are also sites which have a similar look and feel to dating sites however are more about socialising, meeting up in groups and generally making friendship connections. There are plenty of people looking for friends online, and so the “friendship” pool is pretty large.

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