One of the big advantages with online dating is that its sometimes easier to break the social barrier and reach out to people you wouldn’t normally talk to in real life. In some ways, the internet is a great safe-harbor for the eternally shy; however, when it comes to actually getting a date and finding love you will obviously need to talk to a person in real life. This first contact is often via a telephone.

Some Muslim dating guidance suggests that you shouldn’t talk on the phone with a prospective lover of the opposite sex, so an alternative solution might be to use an online dating service and if this goes well to meet your would be partner in real life, perhaps with a chaperone. So, in a way the path to Muslim matrimony can be taken without the need for ever talking to anyone on the telephone.

However, more generally phone contact is the norm. Phone skills don’t come naturally to everyone, especially if they’re introvert or shy, or perhaps just not used to chatting on the phone. The first tip is not to panic, breathe deeply and treat the call like you would any other. It can sometimes be helpful to imagine the person you’re talking to is physically in-front of you.

Don’t over rehearse what you’re going to say. It can be a good idea to generally know what you’re going to say however this doesn’t mean you should practise too much, as your speech could become stilted and lose its natural rapport.

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