When choosing clothing for any type of exercise it is important to pick apparel that will enhance the experience. For yoga classes this can be even more important as selecting the incorrect types of garments can make the workout uncomfortable and embarrassing.

One of the most important elements of yoga clothing is the trousers. Although other types of yoga clothes are important, the trousers worn for a class should be chosen with even more careful consideration than normal. Some of the things which should be taken into account include the length, the fabric and the fit of these pants.

Yoga trousers are available in several lengths such as shorts, three quarter length and full length options. Wearing shorts can clearly show the full definition of the leg which is important for all yoga instructors. Full length trousers reveal less skin and muscle but if they are fitted correctly, usually being quite close-fitting, an instructor will still be able to see the muscle outlines. Some people however prefer looser fitting yoga trousers as this would make them feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.

Fabric is also very important when choosing yoga trousers. It is essential that a flexible and lightweight fabric is used. Natural cotton is generally a popular choice along with organic based materials. The fabric should be sweat resistant and easily cleaned. The stretch element of the fabric is usually provided by spandex or Lycra; these can also help clothing retain its shape.

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