Although lounge-wear is often considered to be the appropriate choice for yoga or Pilates classes, it is now becoming increasingly popular to wear these types of clothes outside of the gym and as comfortable day wear. Yoga and Pilates clothing is designed to be very comfortable and durable, and therefore ideal for wearing on a day to day basis for chores and everyday tasks. However, it is important to ensure that any of these types of outfits are well fitting and clean.
Because these types of clothing are designed to be form fitting and snug, they can often look relatively smart and appropriate for street wear. Yoga trousers for example, are usually made from a substantial type of fabric such as organic cottons with added Lycra. When worn with other street clothes such as a hooded sweatshirt or ballet pumps they can look stylish and modern.

Generally people are less formal in their daytime attire and wearing yoga clothing when doing the shopping is perfectly acceptable. Because of the stretchy element in these clothes, they can often be washed and laundered regularly without losing their shape; this is vital when wearing these clothes regularly.
Many designers of yoga or Pilates clothing now incorporate a street style element into their garments. Since many people lead very busy lives, it is often more convenient to leave a class to do odd jobs without first changing into different clothes. Having loungewear which can look just as appropriate on the street is essential for many individuals.

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