If your business majorly relies on transportation then fleet management can prove to be a crucial solution for you that will help you in staying risk free. Fleet management helps you in improving efficiency and with the help fleet management devices you can ascertain that the business is properly functioning and also that the dispatch is carried out properly. Geobox provides you with the best fleet management solutions that can help you in scheduling jobs, dispatching them to the vehicles and communicating with your drivers via messages.  Fleet management tools empower the drivers and bring efficiency into their work. Along with assuring optimised dispatch, fleet management tools benefit your business in various other ways as well.

Advantages of Fleet Management

Implementing fleet management into your business can prove to be incredibly beneficial in various different ways. Let’s find out more about some of the major benefits of fleet management.

  • A fleet management system enhances the productivity by providing the drivers with daily courses and routes to carry out optimised dispatch.
  • The devices also improve the level of safety as the system is voice-guided and provides turn by turn directions leaving little to no room for distractions.
  • Using fleet management system also results in increased number of dispatches, thus resulting in increased revenue.
  • It allows the drivers to save a whole lot of time by following a direct route or to change routes in order to avoid traffic.
  • It also brings an improvement on the status of every job.
  • With a fleet management device installed you are able to gain a clear understanding regarding the location and path of the fleet.
  • It also works to improve loss prevention and efficiently reduces risks by capturing the signatures of the customers that prove that the dispatched job was properly completed.

Make the dispatch more efficient with fleet management tools

Whether you talk about the cost saving ability of fleet management tools or their ability to carry out an optimized dispatch, they can work efficiently for the betterment of your business. According to a survey the use of fleet management devices has resulted in a reduction of 19.2% miles traveled among companies that have implemented it. The fleet managers and supervisors have majorly benefited from these tools. It has also proven to enhance employee accountability along with the service provided to the customers.

Geobox is the premier solution provider in Perth that provides you with the best fleet management solutions. The team of professionally trained experts at Geobox efficiently provides the most suitable solutions to you according to your needs and requirements. A diverse variety of fleet management devices and web apps for optimised dispatch are available at the Geobox online store at affordable prices.

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