Studying for any assessment can be stressful. The importance placed on GCSE’s works to multiply the stress levels, and for younger learners exam related stress can be a real problem. One of the best ways to counteract exam stress is to ensure that you’re well prepared. Here are some study tips:

Be organized: Revision is about committing things you’ve learned into memory. Depending on the subject, this might be a lot of information. You’ll only be able to memorize it effectively if you organize your revision. Draw up a revision timetable, and break down your study into manageable chunks.

Take Breaks: You might think that just sitting there studying for hours on end is the best kind of revision. You’d be wrong. It’s well known that the mind can digest information best if it’s allowed to take breaks every half hour or so. Make your revision in manageable bits, ensuring you take at least ten minute break between sessions.

Change How You Revise As You Get Closer To Exams: Cramming in information isn’t a good idea, however your short term memory can be useful. Well before your exams you should concentrate on understanding concepts, and as you get closer you should focus in on the fine detail. One of the very best things you can do to help you study is to seek the help of personal tutors. GCSE private tuition can give an extra edge for exams, and help you understand subjects at your own pace, rather than trying to struggle with the pace of your classmates.