Hot air balloon flights are not just exciting once you are up in the air. Instead, the whole experience of spending a morning or even a day taking such a flight will be one that starts the moment you arrive.

Watching the balloon itself inflate is quite a spectacle and when you arrive to see such a thing, not only do you get to enjoy the awe-inspiring sight itself but you also get to experience a growing sense of excitement as the moment of the balloon launch looms closer.

In fact, depending on the company you choose to fly with, you may well even be invited to help inflate the balloon yourself, something that can be a great deal of fun in itself. The flight of course is the main attraction and balloon flights are unlikely to disappoint. The feeling of freedom one gets on hot air balloon flights is one that has cannot be matched by any other experience. Not only do you get to see the world from a completely different viewpoint, but you will also feel that you can simply reach out and touch the stunning sights that pass you by.

Balloon flights are often considered to be just a relaxing way to enjoy some rather spectacular scenery. However, what may seem relaxing from the ground is far more exciting and liberating when you are hundreds of feet up in the air, enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of the sky, and finishing it off with the excitement of such a unique landing (and a well deserved glass of champagne of course).

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