A successful company must be dynamic, fast-moving and constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest HR software. In today’s technology-driven world there is no place for outdated manual HR solutions, which are both costly and counter-productive.

HR management software is increasingly used by business managers in Ireland, who see it as a more accurate and less time-consuming way of managing things like time and attendance systems (TAS). A TAS is essential to any business with a workforce, allowing management to keep tabs on hours worked, meal breaks, holiday leave, appointments, sick leave, late attendance and so on.

The traditional way of keeping time and attendance records was via a time-card stamping system such as the Bundy Clock, and laborious calculations by hand. This has been superseded by automated clocking terminals incorporating time and attendance software, with the old-fashioned paper cards replaced by magnetic stripe cards, barcode badges, proximity key fobs, smart cards, biometric cards and touch screens.

Various clocking systems are available, good examples include hard-wired locking terminals, network clocking terminals, broadband clocking terminals and PC web clocking. Generally, the HR software records all the data and then automatically transfers it to a central computer for processing. However, occasionally it has to be manually uploaded using a portable clocking device. Even then, the tedious administrative work is removed, with the programme effortlessly calculating time-sheets and providing accurate, up-to-date and accessible records for each employee.

Modern time-and-attendance HR solutions are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. Often, the manufacturers offer tutorials and after-sales technical support, making clocking in and out even easier.

List A = HR software/ HR solutions
List B = time and attendance software/ time and attendance systems

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