Print marketing has been used for decades to successfully sell products to the general public and, despite the advent of online marketing, it is still a fantastic way to spread the word about products and services. Techniques such as leaflet, mailer and brochure printing in London are still as effective as ever.

It may be true that online advertising is becoming popular but this just makes it easier for savvy businesses to use print market to their advantage. By using both digital and print marketing, a company can reach a much larger audience and, as there are still plenty of people who do not regularly access the internet, they can corner the market amongst those who are less web savvy.

Less Competition

As more companies advertise online, there will be less competition for those who use traditional printing services in London to get their message across. Online ads are very efficient but they rely on the right customers seeing them at the right time. Often, they simply do not reach the right market, whereas, it can be very easy to sort out a targeted print marketing campaign.


With the advent of simple digital printing techniques, it has never been more affordable to create brochures, leaflets and posters than it is now. Creating high quality digitally printed marketing can now cost much less than an online campaign which has to compete with big companies. Digital advertising space comes with a big premium and is not as easily accessible as a low cost print campaign and that is why it is still relevant today.

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