Those charged with keeping business premises secure have quite a burden of responsibility. They have to bear in mind a number of threats, including unwanted intrusion, theft, vandalism and, in a worst-case scenario, terrorism. Their lives can, however, be made considerably easier by consolidated security management systems. Security management systems work by offering a comprehensive solution to the needs of security and building operations managers. These systems make it possible to account not just for one aspect of security but a number of related aspects.

For instance, access control is a common feature of many security solutions. This usually involves asking employees and visitors to display an ID card. Ideally, this form of identification will be a ‘smart’ electronic card which can be swiped against a reader.

An access control system is certainly a great start. When electronic smart cards are linked to a database, it is possible to monitor incoming and outgoing activity. Sometimes, however, it’s important to have a pair of eyes to complement the access control database. This is where video surveillance comes in. Combined security solutions provide the hardware and software for CCTV monitoring in the key areas of a building.

Meanwhile, staff can be encouraged not to carry cash around with them (itself a security vulnerability), by enabling cashless payment in restaurants and at vending machines.

All in all, building security really comes in to its own when these related measures are all seamlessly integrated into security management systems, with bespoke controlling software tying it all together.

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