When we’re talking about childcare jobs and childcare jobs abroad there are typically a few terms attached. You’ve probably heard of the term Nanny, however other terms are often used to.

The governess is a slightly nuanced term and can be described as follows:

Governesses tend to be involved with the social, emotional and intellectual development of a child. With this in mind, they don’t just look after children but are actively involved in their development. Many Governesses take on international nanny jobs because there is a demand for English education especially in places like Russia.

The role of a Governess is very much focused on the child, and will not typically involve other jobs such as house cleaning, unless this is relevant to childcare. To reiterate, a Governess’s main aim is to foster the development of the children in her charge, perhaps improving English speaking skills.

Many families will often travel perhaps because of professional commitments and so gaps can begin to appear in a child’s education. A governess can come in to help fill in these gaps and ensure that children excel and thrive academically.

The role of English speaking Governesses is particularly valued in certain parts of the world, where English language skills are deemed to be very important. Because of this, quality governesses can make excellent living whilst continuing their passion for childcare and education and exploring an exciting new culture.