Plastic can be defined as a material which can be molded into any shape. In common parlance it refers to manufactured materials, which are at least party synthetic. Plastic comes in an extreme number of forms, there is plastic ideally suited for packaging and plastics which are optimized for use in industry or as parts used in the automotive sector.

Plastics that have special properties are known as engineering plastic. Engineering plastic is typically optimized using additives, which give it special qualities, such as thermal resistance, resistance to wear or flame retardation. One of the most well used kinds of plastic is PEEK plastic.

PEEK stands for Poly-ether Ether Ketone. Because it is an engineering plastic it has various special properties. These properties include  heat resistance, resistance to physical and resistance to chemical wear. Another valued quality of PEEK is that it can be used in organic environments.

Due to its unique properties you will find PEEK in various demanding contexts. Like many other engineering plastics it is commonly utilized in the automotive sector, and specifically for high demand usages such as in pistons. It is able to be used here because of its properties of wear resistance etc.

One very innovative use of PEEK plastic is in the production of bio-material  including joints etc. It is able to be used in the body because it is suitable in water-based organic environments. PEEK, then, is a material very valued even at the cutting edge of science and industry. Another plastic helping to define the future.

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