Making the decision to give a puppy a home is a life-altering decision. Puppies need constant care and attention. Deciding on what breed of dog would best suit you and your lifestyle is the next thing to take into consideration. How often are you prepared to exercise a dog and for how long? Larger breeds need more exercise to keep them fit and healthy compared to smaller dogs however all dogs need daily exercise and fresh air. It is vital to research different dog breeds if you have no fixed idea on what breed of dog you want. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and specific requirements. The size of your home and outside space available should also be taken into consideration it is unfair to bring a large breed puppy into a small home. All puppies start out small but different dog breeds grow to dramatically different sizes.

It is worth talking to other dog owners about the breed of dog they own and your vet for advice. Researching dog breeds before adopting a puppy is key. You need to know as much as possible about the breed beforehand and what to expect. Certain dog breeds are prone to inherit conditions; a vet should be able to offer advise on hereditary medical conditions and whether a medical screening should be carried out on the puppy before you adopt them.

Are there other pets in your home? Other cats or dogs? Do you have small children? All these factors need to be considered before homing a puppy. It is important to find a dog breed that complements your lifestyle. If you enjoy long walks and the outdoors choose a breed that loves an active lifestyle. Alternatively if you have a small outdoor space a smaller dog breed may be best suited.

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