If you love designer handbags, you’re no doubt attracted by the long-lasting quality and timeless appeal of these classic accessories.


However, shoppers are being advised to think carefully about caving into the temptation to head off to the nearest flea market and go for a fake designer bag. Here are some reasons why the cheaper prices simply aren’t worth it:

•For a start, selling these non-genuine items is not legal, since there are issues of copyright and trademark infringement. Saving up for the real thing for Christmas or something is a much better bet than supporting this illegal trade.

• In some cases, with the purchase of a designer bag that’s not real, you could also be inadvertently supporting sweat shop labour.

• Fakes may be cheap, but they also look cheap, too! Generally speaking, these products are made from inferior quality materials, which is why they can be sold for a lower price. The stitching and general construction of the bag are also of a lower quality. While genuine designers take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship, and the process from initial sketch to the time it hits the shelves is a lengthy one. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to makers of rip-off bags.

Finally, by buying fakes you are also, if only inadvertently, harming the manufacturers and designers themselves. And if brands need to spend an increasing amount of time and money safeguarding their products, it’s likely that this will be reflected in the rising prices of bags and designer purses.

And, with some great genuine models available online, there are many affordable options so that you don’t have to be non-genuine items.