We are more conscious than ever about what we put into our bodies and this awareness of health has started to extend to what we feed our pets too.

Many owners see noticeable benefits when offering their pet organic food, including fewer skin allergies, fewer digestive problems and higher energy levels, but it can be hard to prove these results are definitely a result of the food they are given.  So with a slightly higher price tag, is it worth buying such organic food?

Ultimately, the higher the quality of the food your pet is given, the more likely it is to be nutritious and tasty, meaning that they will be both healthier and happier as a result. However, cost is not the only factor one should take into account when feeding their pup.

First, despite the notion that there is nothing a dog loves more than to chew on an old bone, you should not give your pet bones, raw or cooked. Every year vets have to perform numerous emergency procedures to remove bones that have gotten lodged in dogs’ digestive tracts.

Next, whilst cost may indeed indicate quality, an awareness of the ingredients may be more important. The best food will be high in protein and low in fillers such as corn, which can be highly indigestible Finally, studies have shown that bowls made of stainless steel are preferable to plastic. Also, be sure to wash your pet’s bowl thoroughly after each use.

Therefore, whilst high quality pet food can be very important, there may well be other important steps to take when you want improve your puppy’s health.

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