Dressing animals in human attire is something that tends to polarize opinion. However, whilst some of us may shake our heads at seeing puppies in waistcoats or kittens in clogs, there are still some very good reasons to do so. Whilst some might choose to buy pet clothes for fashion purposes alone, enjoying dressing their designer pooch in the latest doggy fashion, others will be wrapping up their aging or ill dog in warm coats to keep them as healthy as possible in the winter.

Furthermore, recent developments have taken pet clothing to new levels of practicality. A new police initiative, trialled in Germany and now set to be extended to other countries, has been set up to supply police dogs with shoes. The specially designed shoes, made of a stab-proof material, are intended to protect the dogs’ paws from broken glass found during riots and at crime scenes and trials so far have proved them to be a success

Other new types of clothing for pets includes the doggie life jacket so that your canine friend can enjoy a refreshing swim in safety or perhaps even join you for water sports. Such an invention was undeniably designed with a degree of practicality in mind, which is more than can be said for the likes of kitten hair accessories.

The debate about whether pets should wear clothing or not rages on, but for those who are worried about keeping their pets warm in the winter weather, the first thing to look at should be the food you give them to ensure they have a thick and healthy coat and plenty of healthy meat on their bones to keep them warm.

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