When it comes to email marketing UK, gaining as much coverage as possible is the best way to get people to recognize the brand or even respond with a click-through. However, more and more firms are choosing to run mobile marketing alongside their email campaigns, sending out texts which can be used in any number of different ways. These can be sent out along with emails, the text alerting the customer to a sale, perhaps, or of a new product that is to be released. The email could work in tandem with this to elaborate in a way that SMS can’t, giving further details about the product including pictures and links.

The great thing about texts is that over 90% of people read them, simply because of the social setting in which they typically occur. They are also smaller and less time consuming to read over, which is the important point. Marketing often doesn’t rely on getting individuals to do carry out explicit actions, but to provide coverage and recognisability. Increasing this can lead to a direct increase in the amount of people visiting a site or even a store. It works on the principle that if a service is needed, the person may be able to recall the advert and link the brand to the product they desire. The SMS messages are also easy to delete if it’s irrelevant and are much less likely to irritate the reader, particularly if they have signed up for them.

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