Body Armour is a layered item or clothing article that affords wearers protection against physical threats. This kind of protection can either focus on stopping a particular type of attack, (such as a knife, ballistic object, or spike) or defend individuals from a combination of threats.

In essence, body Armour comes in two basic forms: hard Armour and soft Armour. Soft Armour is typically used in standard stab and bullet-proof vests, whereas the reinforced and rigid nature of hard Armour makes it the option of choice for military personnel in combat situations.

Most body Armour solutions are made up of two distinct sections: a carrier component on the outside and an inner set of protective soft Armour panels. Obviously, a carrier that has no protective panels inserted will afford only minimal protection against a bullet, spike, or stab attack. The outer carrier can be manufactured from a diverse number of materials. The soft Armour protective panels which are inserted into the pockets of the outer carrier are typically quite flexible and lightweight. These panels can be designed to meet a range of protective levels so the wearer can customize them to ensure they will provide a suitable level of protection to suit the perceived threat.

In situations where an individual requires extremely high levels of protection, hard Armour can be combined with soft Armour panels. The hard Armour can either be housed in specially designed outer carrier pockets, or be worn in hard Armour carriers.

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