There is plenty of demand for pedigree cats and it’s not hard to see why. These animals can be highly distinctive and beautiful, and there is also an exclusive quality about them that appeals to many consumers.However, before people go ahead and take on pets like this, it’s important that they do their research. Because of the ways in which these animals are bred, they can be susceptible to certain medical complications. As long as owners know what to look out for and are aware of the risks, they won’t experience any upsetting surprises.


Among the most striking of the breeds are Bengals. These creatures have leopard like markings and look very different to most domestic cats. However, they are prone to an abnormality of the hip joints that causes lameness in the hind legs and can make walking difficult.

Also, they may be more at risk from a knee problem that causes the kneecap to move out of its normal location, resulting in limping or difficulty walking on the back legs.


Another popular breed of cats is the Burmese. These slinky creatures can make great pets, but owners should watch out for diabetes. The creatures are more prone to a particular type of diabetes than other breeds and it can cause weakness, blindness, excessive appetite and excessive thirst.

Meanwhile, they are also at risk of developing the same hip and knee abnormalities as Bengal cats compared with non-pedigree breeds.

Maine Coons

One breed that is a particular favorite among many people because of its large, furry appearance and friendly nature is the Maine Coon. Like Bengal and Burmese cats, these creatures are at risk of hip and knee problems.

Also, they are more prone to a heart condition involving excessive growth of the muscle that can lead to fainting, tiredness and other symptoms.


People who are thinking of getting Persian cats also have to look out for certain medical complications. These animals, which are exceptionally fluffy and distinctively faced, can struggle to breathe because of their short faces. Many get short of breath quickly and they may experience inflammation and swelling in their airways.

They are also at an elevated risk of getting a fungal condition that causes itching, fur loss and scaling of the skin. Owners should take note of the fact that this can be transmitted to people.

Meanwhile, like Maine Coons they are more likely to experience excessive growth of the heart muscle and they can develop multiple cysts on their kidneys that enlarge with age and eventually cause kidney failure.


Another popular breed is the Siamese. These cats are renowned for their piercing blue eyes and elegant physiques. When people take on animals like this, it’s important that they watch out for a form of cancer that causes an accumulation of fluid around the lungs.

Being prepared

Of course, pedigree owners often find that their pets lead long and healthy lives, but it is important for them to be prepared just in case their creatures begin to exhibit worrying symptoms.

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