Bringing a new pet into the family is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pets require love and attention to be happy and healthy. A pet is for life. Any new pet needs the right balance of food and exercise to keep it active. A new kitten for example needs kitten specific food to ensure it gets the correct vitamins and nutrients into its system to help it grow and develop.

A new kitten needs a few cat accessories to help it feel settled into its new home. When bringing a new kitten home for the very first time the kitten will understandably be nervous and may not want to come out of their carry case straight away. Make sure if there are any other animals already living in the house that they are kept out of the way for the first few hours at least so the kitten can explore its new surroundings and get used to the smell of the place before any other pets are introduced. It may take a few days or even weeks for the kitten to feel confident in their new home. Try to make the kitten feel as safe as possible. Set up a comfy warm bed for the kitten to sleep in and a litter tray for them to get used to. Kitten food is formulated to help kittens develop and grow it is important kittens receive kitten specific food and not older cat food. Other cat accessories suitable for a kitten include a few soft kitten toys for it to play with. Kitten toys are a great way to interact and play.

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