Commercial cleaning companies train their staff in the most efficient cleaning methods. Well trained cleaning contractors work as a team to clean office buildings in uniform fashion in the shortest possible time, without skimping on hygiene or thoroughness. Cleaning contractors know the difference between confidential waste and ordinary waste paper. If a box of files is lying near a waste paper bin but is not clearly marked for disposal, then instead of taking it away, a reputable cleaner would leave it untouched with a polite note along the lines of:

“If you wish these files to be disposed of as waste please mark clearly as waste. Thank you.”

The battle against germs and microbes

Most commercial cleaning companies use anti-bacterial spray which can reduce the number of people catching infections. The wiping down of desks and door handles reduces the possibility of infection, as does the installation of paper towels and air hand dryers. Florence Nightingale saved many lives by improving the standard of hygiene in hospitals and restored order and decency to what had previously been filthy conditions in the Crimea. Commercial cleaning companies maintain the order and cleanliness of office and other premises.

What does the future hold for commercial cleaning companies?

Bio-technologists expect to improve enzymes so that cleaning can be achieved at lower temperatures. Cleaning formulations are expected to be more compact in the future so less packaging will be needed. Cleaning contractors will use more “green” products. Cleaning by using sound waves may become the norm, and in the future less water may be used to clean and cleaning water may have to be re-used.

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