There are many advantages to employing commercial cleaning companies, some of the most obvious are as follows:-

• Commercial cleaning companies are properly insured for office cleaning
• Cleaning contractors are trained in Health and Safety
• Commercial cleaners are trained how to handle hazardous substances
• Commercial cleaning companies can have a long term contract with an organisation

Slips and trips are the most common accidents in the workplace and these can be prevented by a good working knowledge of which product to use on each floor surface. For example linoleum is a potentially slip and trip inducing material if the wrong floor cleaning product is used. Equally if an office has marble floors some products may damage the marble, so using the correct product in the correct quantity is essential.

Quality cleaning of wooden floors

How do commercial cleaning companies clean wooden floors? The best way to clean wooden floors is with a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards they may be washed with a minimum of water as too much water will damage certain types of wood. The advantage of the commercial vacuum cleaners used by office cleaning companies is that these powerful appliances can perform a deep clean of the floor surface and any carpeted areas. Deep cleaning of carpets not only leaves carpets looking like new but also reduces potential allergic responses in employees or clients who use the office. When cleaning antique furniture commercial cleaning companies normally use very mild and gentle cleaning products and soft polishing cloths to preserve the patina of the antique piece.

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